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too long Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 06:01 pm
so I have been way to busy started a new job at a restaurant named Casa Vicente, School is ending thank fucking God! moving out of the dorms! Fuck Yes! Teaching with Erik and living out of my car.Recently a friend of mine passed away in Iraq, it was a very sad event.We will all miss her. Otherwise my computer has been going absolutely fucking nuts! I have to return it at sometime...why me. To all those Salpointe kids about to graduate I commend you for surviving... and college is easier than they make it seem. Hopefully there will some type of shin dig at my new house btu I have to get my shit out of my car and in to the house first.To all my frinds that are coming back for the summer, its about fucking time and where have you been all my life!! I Love you all my life had been far to docile since you left. I miss out art projects and dress ups along with the skipping down 4th and scaring people with out loud funny antics! Well all I will attempt to contact those of you who I know soon as for the rest of you...why are you reading this

death Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 11:46 am
my dog died yesterday
she was so sweet
we all miss her already
I cried
the backyard is so quiet
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: lorena mckenett

strange days Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 11:08 pm
my nose hurts
i feel gross
played cards all night
yea right
just want to see erik
its getting late
research fucking blows
and I can't gather my thoughts
when did I grow up
and when did all
my friends move away
i miss you all so much
seeing them as they pass
feels empty
unlike the times we played
chlidren are so fun
sometimes I wish I was 10
where is my cat
in retrospect
high school was fun
in the real world
there is no music
no shakespeare
and very few friends
in the real world
there are less colors
in the real world
it is harder to find beauty
in the real world
you really are alone
where is erik
Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Current Music: none

aging Mar. 8th, 2005 @ 11:18 pm
getting older
today is my birthday
i miss being 7
i want a big party
with swiming and friends
but they all moved
they all grew apart
we all changed
i miss being 7
I got balloons
made my day
I want to say
I was productive
but i wasn't
getting older
getting complacent
I have no outlet
i need a change
i need out of this
everyday parade
i need life
i need some paint
where is a drink
when you need one
happy birthday
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: tool

late night hot flashes Feb. 25th, 2005 @ 01:36 am
oh man it is so fucking hot in my room I feel like a menopausal woman! shit!
I am melting, so had the performance today and the stupid band on the stage totally kicked
our music's ass so we couldn't hear but other than that we got free food and had fun.I have
officially reached the ugly clothes stage,because I have not done laundry in a week, yhea
I should do that at some point...I am in the process of ordering new shoes oh yhea !!
My tango shoes have officaly passed away so they need to be replaced and the new dance
sneaks are on the way, new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes dooom doom doo doo doo do!
Iam so very excited!I am going marshmallow hunting tomorrow (don't judge) it is so
entertaining. The roomy is gone but the mess remains.. uhhhhh i don't understand.
And big announcement I am getting my hair cut yes I know I know but I can't do anything
it so it is getting chopped not too much but something different. I'll have to post pictures
when i figure out how to do that. and if any one can help me with that yhea... Death llamas fly
beware of the toilets:)
Other entries
» tango trip
so the trip to portland absolutely rocked! It was such a great city and great event despite minor glitches int he first day with the credit card and hotel it was so fabulous.We danced a lot and learned some really great new things to further our dancing of course I enjoyed the great ethnic food and spending time with my wonderful erik who did all the driving to phx. and back :)For anyone who like neat travels and has not been to Portland its really great. Very pedestrian friendly. Other than that I am quite tired and backed up on school missing two days really kills you. but I have all my home work done so I am ok! I did a spring cleaning today it was refreshing I hate all those stupid papers that pile up for no fucking reason! And even better news my camera is fixed so I can now take lots of pictures and as soon as i figure out how to post them I will. As some of you may know my room mate has returned from the planet ? and the strange life has resumed. I found a room mate as well for the summer I will be living with corona<-- yes that is his name for all you that don't know him. Thank god that is all said and done with. Personally I prefer to live with guys anyways, I mean girls have as much stuff as me why would I want that! Jules apologies for not being able to see ya but I hope to see you when you come down to Tucson. I feel so clean and organized... we'll see how long that last! By the way I have started on plans for the wizard hat oh yes it will be made and it will be full of whimsiy! Nigel approves of all efforts to look like him so hes grinning in the corner over there..no not there to the left in the middle... wait do gnomes always grin??
» Portland
oh man leaving for portland in like 6 hours Iam doing laundry I know Iam a hippe but the pachtuoli covered B.O
so aturated my hair that I couldn't take it, my room mate asked me today if it was bad that she was excited to wash her hair and I said no how long has it been for you... now is that bad or is it worse that its been 3 days or more for both of us? The damn rice cakes are stealing my soul I am unable to resist their charm. Iam am also in the process of packing for the trip and the question is how many strange Items of clothing(except the wizard hat*grumble*) can I smash into my carry on bag? so far I have over 20 items with 5 more in the dryer down stairs in the laundry room where when walking ever so peacefullY I looked down to discover a pair of pink thong underwear on my shoe... HUMMM.. now who the hell forgets a pair of underwear on the floor nuch less, as I discovered soon after kicking the thong off my shoe, 5 pairs? I hope I notice when iam missing 5 pairs of underwear really.Everyone in tucson should Come to see My erik and I dance on the 24th of febuary at the study aborad fair at 12:15 it should be great fun. anyways a shower is absolutely necessary!
kitty dosen't like water though....grrrr
» Violated
I had to get violated today it was fabulous>:(
and to add insult to injury the apt. was at 8 am
and she insited to talk while doing the examination.
Doctors are so stange...
My room mate has returned
its stange i mean she has been gone
for like two months but its kinda
nice to have company
Iam going to portland i 2 days
with no wizard hat! FUCK!60 $yhea
Iam gonna make one out of spite,
grrrr.I will smite her and her overpriced alpaca wool
» The Hat
Whent to the gem show
always fun bought some really great
stuff, a mate gord, and like a pound of Nag Champa
(don't judge)
and I found the coolest hat
ever! :D !!!!!!!!!!
A wizard hat made of Hemp!
I need this hat for portland
"I need it or I'll explode!"- GRR invader zim
and if you didn't know that why are you reading this?
anyways v-day is tomorrow, Hopefuly Erik will do something
even though he hates it. Oh well. My boss made me bathe cats today
always a fun adventure.. to the hospital!
sometimes I hate her, I mean who bathes cats!
» Why are men so bitchy
I swear you say one thing to them and they bitch about it to everyone
good god!I have decided that school is the most soul raping waste of time!
iam going to portland in a few days
iam so excited to have my feet
bleed dancing tango all night long :)
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